Asthma Matters

Asthma Management Program

Asthma is a chronic lung condition that causes inflammation and swelling of the airways, sensitivity to things that make swelling worse, and decreased airflow in the lungs. In the United States, asthma affects about 25 million people. There is no cure for asthma, but you can learn to manage it so you can maintain a normal activity level and minimize the need for emergency treatment.

Asthma Matters was developed to provide the tools you/your child needs to prevent troublesome symptoms and improve your well-being.


  • Educational information 
  • Asthma supply kit and asthma-friendly pillow cover
  • Up to $10 in gift cards for health-related items for Members who enroll in Asthma Matters and complete all required education
  • Peak flow meter

*Limitations or restrictions may apply. Please contact a Health Educator at to see if you qualify for specific program benefits.

Your Asthma Action Plan

Everyone with asthma needs an Asthma Action Plan. An Asthma Action Plan has:

  • Instructions on how to manage your/your child’s asthma
  • Information about symptoms and medication
  • Steps to take in case of an emergency

Download an Asthma Action Plan below and fill it out with your/your child’s doctor. Make sure to update it regularly and give a copy to family, coworkers, babysitters/caregivers, and your child’s school nurse.

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SA Kids BREATHE is a NO-COST home teaching program for children ages 3 to 17 who have asthma and live in the City of San Antonio. Education and support are designed to improve the quality of life of children with asthma, keeping kids in school and parents at work. 

A SA Kids BREATHE Community Health Worker will meet with families in their homes (virtual or in-person) to improve asthma control and provide education, including:

  • How to use asthma devices
  • What can trigger asthma
  • About your child’s asthma medicine


To find out how you can join Asthma Matters: Asthma Management Program, please take our General Health Assessment, call 210-358-6055, or email

Beginning September 1, 2024 Community First Health Plans, Inc. will be adding STAR+PLUS to its line of health care products.

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