STAR Medicaid

STAR Medicaid provides no-cost health coverage for low-income children, pregnant women, and families in Texas. Community First Health Plans is proud to be the only local, non-profit health plan that offers STAR Medicaid in our service area.

STAR Medicaid Benefits

STAR covers services needed to keep you/your child healthy, including:

  • Regular checkups at the doctor and dentist
  • Prescription drugs and vaccines
  • Hospital care and services
  • X-rays and lab tests
  • Vision and hearing care
  • Access to medical specialists and mental health care
  • Treatment of special health needs
  • Treatment of pre-existing conditions

Families/children who get STAR do not pay for medical services or prescription benefits.

How To Apply

We’ve created a Step-by-Step Guide to help you learn more about STAR Medicaid, including how to apply. View the guide by clicking here or if you’re ready to apply now, visit or call 2-1-1.

Value-Added Services

As a Community First Member, you will receive both benefits provided by the STAR program and extra benefits exclusive to Community First Members called Value-Added Services. These include gift card incentives, fitness memberships, health and wellness programs, and much more.

Click the button below to review the current Value-Added Services available to Community First STAR  Members.

Texas Health Steps

Texas Health Steps is health care for children birth through age 20 who have Medicaid. 

Texas Health Steps provides:

  • Free regular medical checkups starting at birth.
  • Free dental checkups starting at six months of age.
  • A case manager who can find out what services you/your child needs and where to get these services.
  • Rides to the doctor’s office, dentist’s office, hospital, drug store, or any place that provides covered health care services.

To learn more about Texas Health Steps, call 210-358-6349 or toll-free    1-800-434-2347, option 9.

To learn more about Texas Health Steps, click here.

Member Portal

Create an account and log in to our secure Member Portal to take control of your health care benefits.

Looking for a form or document related to your health plan? Visit our Member Resources page.

The STAR Member Handbook contains important information about how your health plan works. It’s a great resource to make sure you’re getting the most out of your plan.

Click the button below to read and/or download the STAR Member Handbook. If you’d like a printed copy, we can mail you one within 5 days, free of charge. Just call Member Services at 1-800-434-2347.

⚠❗ Attention Community First Members! The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has ended. All Medicaid and CHIP Members must renew their coverage to keep receiving benefits.

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