How to File a Complaint

What should I do if I have a complaint? Who do I call?
We want to help. If you have a complaint, please call us toll-free at 1-800-434-2347 to tell us about your problem.

Can someone from Community First help me file a complaint?
A Community First Member Services Representative can help you file a complaint. Just call 1-800-434-2347. Most of the time, we can help you right away or at the most within a few days. Community First cannot take any action against you as a result of your filing a complaint.

What are the requirements and time frames for filing a complaint?
You can file a complaint with Community First at any time.

How long will it take to process my complaint?
If you file a written complaint, we will mail you a letter acknowledging that we have received your complaint within five days. Then, we will mail you our decision within 30 days.

If I am not satisfied with the outcome, who else can I contact?
If you are not satisfied with the answer to your complaint, you can also complain to the Texas Department of Insurance by calling 1-800-252-3439 toll-free. If you would like to make your request in writing, send it to:

Texas Department of Insurance
Consumer Protection
P.O. Box 149091
Austin, TX 78714-9091

If you can get on the Internet, you can send your complaint in an email to You can file a complaint with TDI at any time.

Do I have the right to meet with the complaint appeal panel?
Five calendar days before the hearing, you will receive a letter with important information about your appeal rights. You may appear before the appeal panel.