How to File an Appeal

What can I do if my doctor asks for a service or medicine for me/my child that’s covered, but Community First Health Plans denies or limits it?
Community First might deny a health care service or medicine if it is not medically necessary. A medicine can also be denied:

  • If the medicine does not work better than other medicines on the Community First Preferred Drug List.
  • If there is another medicine that is similar that you must try first that you have not used before.

If you disagree with the denial, you can ask for an appeal.

How will I find out if a service or medicine is denied?
You will receive a letter telling you if a service or medicine has been denied. You will also receive an appeal form.

When do I have the right to ask for an appeal?
You can appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision. You can also ask for an appeal if Community First denied payment of services in whole or in part.

How do I file an appeal?
You may provide appeal information by phone, in writing, or in person. If you would like someone to file an appeal on your behalf, you may name a representative in writing by sending a letter containing his/her name to Community First. A doctor or other medical provider may be your representative.

Can someone from Community First help me file an appeal?
Yes, a Member Services Representative can help you file an appeal.

What are the time frames for the appeal process?
You must request an appeal within 60 days from the date on your notification of the denial, reduction, or suspension of previously authorized services. You have the right to ask for an extension of up to 14 days if you want to provide more information in your appeal.

A letter will be mailed to you within five (5) days to tell you that we have received your appeal. We will then mail you our decision within 30 days. If Community First needs more information, we might ask for an extension of up to 14 calendar days. If we need an extension, we will call you as soon as possible to explain that there is a need for more information and that the delay is in your (the Member’s) interest. We will also send you written notice of the reason for delay. Community First will resolve your appeal as soon as possible based on your health condition and no later than the 14-day extension. If you are not happy with the delay, you may file a complaint by calling Member Services.

For more information about the appeals process, please review your Member Handbook. You can also contact Member Services for assistance filing an appeal or expedited appeal, and/or requesting an External Medical Review and State Fair Hearing.