HHSC posted version 1.2 of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Home Health Care Services (HHCS) Bill Codes Table on the EVV 21st Century Cures Act webpage in Excel and PDF formats.

EVV will be implemented for Medicaid HHCS on January 1, 2024, and program providers and financial management services agencies can refer to the bill codes table to familiarize themselves with the specific HHCS billing code combinations that require the use of EVV.

HHSC had posted version 1.1 of the table; however, the table had to be revised again due to an EVV Portal update, resulting in publishing version 1.2.

The following updates were published and are listed in the revision history:


Update to Legend: Clarified in the “EVV Required/Optional?” column description that Visits for EVV Optional services can be filtered in the EVV Portal searches and are excluded from the EVV Portal EVV standard reports.

Updates to CMS LTC FFS: The current long-term care home health service bill codes will become the new In-Home EVV services provided in the member’s own home or family home (OHFH).

  • Updated services descriptions to include “In-Home” and “EVV OHFH”.
  • Updated Procedure Effective Begin Date to reflect future effective date of June 1, 2023.
  • No changes were made to the Service Groups, Service Codes, HCPCS or modifiers.


Update to Legend: Removed the following statement from the “EVV Required/Optional?” description until the functionality is available: “Visits for EVV Optional services can be filtered in EVV Portal searches and are excluded from EVV Portal EVV standard reports.”

Next Steps: Providers should share this communication with their staff.



EVV-HHCS service bill-codes table_v1.2 (Excel)

EVV-HHCS service bill-codes-table_v1.2 (PDF)

Cures Act Home Health Care Services: EVV HHCS Service Bill Codes Table Update

21st Century Cures Act | Texas Health and Human Services


Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership

FAQs about the EVV HHCS Implementation (PDF)

EVV 21st Century Cures Act

Programs, Services and Service Delivery Options Required to Use EVV

Providers who deliver EVV-required services must be registered for EVV GovDelivery to receive EVV updates by email. For questions about the EVV HHCS bill codes, modifiers or HHSC services required to use EVV, email EVV@hhs.texas.gov.

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