Emergency Dental Services

Community First Medicaid and CHIP cover emergency dental services in a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. Emergency treatments covered under your plan include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Treatment of dislocated jaw.

– Treatment of traumatic damage to teeth and supporting structures.

– Removal of cysts.

– Treatment of oral abscess of tooth or gum origin.

Community First also covers hospital, physician, and related medical services for the above conditions. This includes services the doctor provides and other services your or your child might need, like anesthesia or other drugs. Community First is also responsible for paying for treatment and devices for craniofacial

What do I do if I/my child needs emergency dental care?
During normal business hours, call your child’s main dentist to find out how to get emergency services. If your child needs emergency dental services after the main dentist’s office is closed, call Community First Member Services at 1-800-434-2347 or call 9-1-1.

Routine Dental Care

Your child’s Medicaid or CHIP dental plan provides all other dental services, including routine services that help prevent tooth decay and services that fix dental problems.

Routine dental is provided through DentaQuest, MCNA Dental, or United Healthcare Dental. You may pick the Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) of your choice.

DentaQuest: 1-800-516-0165
MCNA Dental: 1-800-494-6262
United Healthcare Dental: 1-877-901-7321

What do I do if I/my child needs routine dental care?
Call your dental provider to learn more about the dental services they offer. You can also call Community First Member Services at 1-800-434-2347 for help making a routine dental appointment or for more information.